World Oral Health Day 2017 Celebrated At BUMDC

Written By: Dr. M. Shahrukh Khan (BUMDC)

Edited By: Dr. Ghazal Raza (BUMDC)

Bahria University Medical and Dental College (BUMDC) is incomparable, not just in academics but also in imparting health awareness in its patients. In view of the latter, Global Oral Health Day was zealously celebrated in BUMDC (Dental Section) on 20th March, 2017. With the catchy theme ‘Live Mouth Smart’, it was organized by the arduous efforts of Head of the Department of Oral Pathology, Dr. Daud Mirza and his team members. The event began with the arrangement of an oral health camp for the patients by Dr. Umair Aslam and Dr. M. Shahrukh Khan Sadiq. The camp was set up to distribute gifts and souvenirs among the patients. Along with the camp different posters illuminating the importance of oral health were put on display. A table clinic was also organized where Dr. Daud Mirza and Dr. Saira Hamid (House Officer) explained proper brushing techniques to the patients.

Informative Lectures were arranged for the patients who aired their queries and concerns regarding oral health. Instead of using complicated jargon in his lecture, Dr. Daud Mirza smartly presented simple analogies to clear the misconceptions about oral health that are prevalent in our society. Tooth structure, dietary habits and paedo problems were discussed openly with the audience. The etiology and prevention of Oral Cancer was also elaborated as this fatal condition has become a modern day menace for the population. Dr. Raima Bashir highlighted oral health problems at the community level in her lecture and assessed the critical link between oral health and our daily lives. The entire event was highly appreciated by the patients who lauded the dedication of the organizers and their sincere efforts to spread oral health awareness among the populace. BUMDC is determined to organize more of these beneficial events for its patients in the future.